Ghost Ryderz® Extreme Motorcycle Club

Whether it's racing, sport touring, cruising, dirt, or stunts, Ghost Ryderz is an organization of motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy the sport.  Ghost Ryderz® Extreme Motorcycle Club was incorporated in May of 2000 as a non-profit organization in the state of New York. We are a chartered club with the AMA (#2443).  We expanded to Atlanta, Georgia in April of 2006.  Another chapter in Dallas, Texas was started in April 2007. In September 2007, we established a chapter in Virginia. Our familia has grown to include chapters in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dupont WA, Spokane WA, Toronto Canada, Tijuana Mexico, and Cape Canaveral FL.

We not only ride but are also involved in the community and support many charitable events. 

Depending on what type of event we host, is how we ride. On some rides we take it easy. On other rides we wear full leathers and ride hard. But we always make safety a #1 issue. You can call it an oxymoron if you may, but, at times, we ride hard while keeping it safe. By that I mean we use hand and arm signals, ride in formations, and I do not condone German helmets and tank tops while riding at insane speeds. We wear leathers, gloves, and helmets to save our skin, bones, and lives!

The Ghost Ryderz® motto is, "In order to ride hard, you must be legit!" Being that, we can assist you in obtaining your motorcycle license whether you need practice or just someone to show up with you to the test site. Don't be like some of those riders who've been riding with a permit for years because of fear of failing. Don't be surprised when a police officer impounds your bike because you were too lazy to obtain a motorcycle license.

Stay safe and ride on.

Ghost Ryderz® Extreme MC, ATL
AMA Charter #2443